Starting out in the UK

In the short time I have already spent here, both in England during my orientation and at my Outdoor Activities Placement at Tolmers Activities and Camping Centre, I have already made amazing new friends and incredible memories to match. Both the volunteers I came with to my placement and the staff who work here are so friendly and approachable, and it has really made for a wonderful experience. The people have been one of the biggest parts of my Lattitude journey and being able to share my voyage with the friends I have made has been really rewarding.


From early days here in England, I thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity that was put forward to me. I participated in a walking tour of Westminster in which I saw many spectacular sights such as; Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Saint James Park, Leicester Square and the changing of the royal guard. I have seen all of these in photos but it really doesn’t compare to the real thing by any comparison.

One of the many items on my list of things to do while on my placement was to see a live stage performance at the Apollo Theatre. My ambitions were soon rewarded on just the second night of my orientation. The other volunteers and I were treated to a “Wicked” show, and despite being incredibly tired from the inevitable jet lag, it was indeed an enjoyable night and my journey was really kicking off. I was really enjoying the moments and looking forward to what was around the corner for me.

Arrival at placement

The first day of my placement was rather nerve racking. I wasn’t sure what to expect and anticipated eagerly for my arrival on sight at Tolmers Activity Centre. My fellow Tolmers volunteers and I were not only greeted with friendly smiles and outgoing personalities, but also some picturesque sights which very quickly broke the ice and allowed us to settle in for the first day.

The second day involved partaking and learning the different activities onsite. Abseiling, rock climbing, high ropes, pedal karts and bungy running were just a few of the activities we were educated in. It was a great fun; I wasn’t expecting to be able to try all the activities so soon in my stay.

It was clearly laying the foundation for a wonderful experience over the next seven months.

- Wessley - UK Volunteer Outdoor Activities Instructor