VOLUNTEER on 6 continents

remember: A gap year doesn't always mean a whole year...

Our volunteer placements are designed to get you immersed in one culture, working with a placement partner and living like a local.

If you're looking for gap year in an English speaking country and travel in your holidays, you could find yourself working in a UK school supporting students and teachers in the boarding house, classroom or the sports field. Or give back and support others in a rewarding community centre or care home placement in the UK. If you love the outdoors, how about leading teams of young people on adventures in an outdoor camp in the UK or Canada

Volunteer Schools Assistant Placements
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Find yourself on a real cultural adventure! Be immersed and find out what it’s really like in Argentina, Poland, Spain or Vietnam. Placements involve running activities with students to improve their English skills and working alongside local teachers. Or you could choose Japan and gain professional experience working as an assistant in a hospital or care home or with young children in a community centre. 


If you want to get off the beaten track, how about working on a community project in Ghana, West Africa or coaching sport to engage disadvantaged young people? Or see the real Fiji getting to know island culture, living with a local family, and teaching in a village school? You could even combine three months in Fiji with six months in a New Zealand school or in an Indigenous school in Australia creating your own Pacific adventure! 


Travel Opportunities:

Volunteers have the opportunity to travel within during weekends, school holidays and at the end of their placement. Lattitude staff can provide recommendations for ongoing travel. 


You will be supported by a Lattitude Coordinator in Australia to help plan and prepare before you depart and the Lattitude Country Manager in your resident country during your placement.

Accommodation, Food & Allowance

Accommodation and food will always be arranged for you during your placement.

Accommodation ranges from living with host families, your own room, or shared apartment on campus with your placement partner.

Some placements also provide a living allowance! 


  • Social and personal skills such as team working, independence, relationship building, leadership and confidence in interacting with a range of different people

  • Professional skills by working in a variety of roles abroad

  • Gain experience of different cultures and opportunity to live in a new place, experience how people live, what they eat, maybe even pick up a new language

  • Meet young people from different countries and work alongside them

  • Independent travel but organised with the support of a Team Leader and fellow participants

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