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China & Vietnam | For Australian university undergraduates

Summer Internship 10 weeks: 1 Dec 2018 to mid Jan 2019

Winter Internship 2 - 6 weeks: June 2019 to July 2019

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What are your plans next summer? What about between semesters this winter? How about an international program that supports you to volunteer in a new community, immerse yourself in a different culture and develop new skills?

Lattitude offers challenging international experiences for students to learn and develop while making a positive difference to the lives of others. On this program, you will be placed in a school or a college to assist in the teaching of English for a period of six weeks.  Your role will be to develop and implement a program of activities in English to enable students to broaden their English language skills, develop their confidence in spoken English and understand more about Western culture.  Some activities will be in the classroom as part of the timetable and others will be extra-curricular. 

In return you will gain a real insight into a different culture. By working alongside local teachers and being immersed in school life you will develop a good understanding of the workplace. You’ll be outside the main cities so you will experience the warm hospitality at its best and begin to understand society and how it is changing. By working with young people, you will learn hear their thoughts on Australia and the West, how they view the world and their future in it.

You will develop your own Learning and Development plan to identify what you aim to achieve through this program which you will review at the end of the program. Your aims may be related to developing cross-cultural understanding, building relationships and citizenship or specific skills such as problem-solving, communication, leadership and confidence. During the program you will be asked to reflect on the cross-cultural issues and the benefits and challenges of your placement. You will also be assessed on your contribution to the school or college.

Winter Internship in vietnam 2-6 weeks

Depart in June to use your break between semesters to gain classroom experience in China or Vietnam as an assistant teacher in a regional school. Program can be tailored to fit within your semester break.


Summer Internship in  China 6 weeks

Depart in December for a 6 week experience. Students will prepare and deliver classes and a variety of activities to support English language learning and practice for students 11-18 years.


Winter Internship in Vietnam 10 weeks

Gain experience teaching and planning your own lessons over the course of a semester overseas. This is a great opportunity to see your students learn and grow over a longer time period.

University Program Details

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Course Credits

Your university may offer credits for completion of international programs, workplace learning or service learning modules. Lattitude will support you to:

  • Complete a Learning & Development plan before departure and review after the program
  • Complete a log of activity whilst preparing for the program and overseas including photography, film and written materials
  • Complete a set of reflection exercises at key stages of the process – during pre-departure briefing, on arrival, mid-way through the program, end of the program, one month after return
  • You will receive a certificate of completion and written review from Lattitude and the school/university

If your university or unit has specific learning outcomes you will need to demonstrate you’ve met, please contact us to discuss what is required and see whether we can adapt any processes or documentation for this.

Key Program Facts

  • Countries: China or Vietnam
  • Role: Language & Culture Tutor
  • Institutions: primary schools (Vietnam), middle schools (China) and colleges (China and Vietnam)
  • Duration:
    • Summer Internship: 6 weeks - China
    • Summer Internship: 10 Weeks - Vietnam
    • Winter Internship: 2 - 6 weeks - Vietnam
  • Program fee: $2500 (program cost includes accommodation, allowance for food & local travel overseas)
  • Additional Travel costs: International flights, insurance and visa are estimated between $1200-1400

Key Dates

  • Application deadline - 2018 TBA
  • Assessment & confirmation - 2018 TBA
  • Briefing - 2018 TBAvia a webinar
  • Summer Departure 1 December. Program ends mid January (actual dates will vary slightly depending on exam timetables)
  • Winter Departure Early June- 2018 TBA

For more information, complete the registration form below:

Talk to your year/course coordinator at your university to enquire about incorporating an international program into your curriculum! 


You will be supported by a Lattitude Coordinator in Australia to help plan and prepare before you depart and the Lattitude Country Manager in China or Vietnam during the program.  You will have an English-speaking Link teacher at the school who will be your guide and mentor.

There will be a briefing before you depart and an orientation on arrival in China/Vietnam.  This will include an introduction to conversational English activities as well as cultural and safety briefings. 


Accommodation & Allowance

Most students will be placed in pairs or in small teams and live on campus in a staff apartment which is provided along with a small allowance to cover your meals and local travel costs.  Your visa is sponsored by Lattitude which will also allow you to travel and explore the country after the end of the program.

Application and Assessment

This program is for undergraduates studying at Australian universities.  The number of places are limited and preference will be given to students who apply as part of a partnership between their university and Lattitude or those who have already completed a medium/long term Lattitude program .

Places will be offered after a Skype interview or face to face interview in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. 


More Information

For more information or to find out whether your university already works with Lattitude, please complete the registration form or e-mail or call (03) 9826 6266

building partnerships with Australian universities

Lattitude is building partnerships with Australian universities to deliver workplace learning and internship opportunities in Asia aligned to university courses. Undergraduate students can experience a structured work program targeting their field of study in Asia to develop valuable skills including Asia-related capabilities including intercultural understanding and relationship building. Students can extend their learning experience from university campus in Asia with course credits.

Lattitude is offering structured work placement learning opportunities in China and Vietnam that align with undergraduate studies in Teaching & Education to help students to expand horizon, build essential 21st century skill sets, and gain a competitive edge upon graduation.

see the benefits of volunteering beyond university

 Michelle Howie

Michelle Howie

Lattitude Volunteer Teacher - Fiji

Since Michelle experienced life as a Lattitude teacher in a remote Fijian village with limited phone and internet access she has been passionate about helping people connect. While studying a Bachelor of Electronics & Communications Engineering at the University of South Australia, she never dreamed of studying in Asia. Now she is living her passion working for Telstra in Hong Kong as an intern under the Government’s New Colombo Plan program and has recently attended the Australia China Emerging Leaders Summit in Shanghai.

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Chloe Dempsey

Lattitude Volunteer TEACHER - China

As a Lattitude teacher in China, Chole's passion for international experience has made her a global citizen. In 2016, she was awarded the WestPac Asian Exchange Scholarship enabling her to integrate 2 semesters of study at a university in China into her uni course. Currently, she plans to intern with an environmental NGO in Beijing called Thirst, which focuses on education around water scarcity. "We have a responsibility to contribute to creating a world that we would like to live in and the best time to start acting to execute that vision is now."

Why Study Overseas?

Benefits of Overseas Study

Intercultural understanding and communication skills, adaptability, resilience, flexibility, and collaboration are just some of the contemporary skillsets and capabilities for a competitive graduate edge and a globally focused career! 

Workplace Learning

Placements include teaching or working in business and finance in China, working with an NGO in Cambodia in a business or international development context, teaching in Vietnam, shadowing a medical team of doctors in a Japanese hospital, nursing in an aged care facility in Japan. Placements can be undertaken at different times in the year and for various durations to accommodate semester dates and course accreditation.

Gain Employable Skills

Employers are seeking graduates with international work experience and intercultural competencies, and students are looking for opportunities to get an edge by developing a unique set of skills to increase employability upon graduation.