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If you've got the travel bug and want to see as much as you can whilst adding real value to local communities, sign up for a Team Project!

If you choose Europe you’ll begin your adventure in Poland before heading to Germany, the UK and Spain. Projects include English tutoring, holiday activities with children or people with disabilities, community events and conservation work. In between projects you’ll have travel weeks to explore with your team. You’ll be able to visit other countries and maybe add on more travel time at the end of the program.

Or if you’ve always wanted to explore South East Asia, you’ll kick off your experience as an English Tutor in Vietnam before moving on to Cambodia and then Thailand where you’ll volunteer on community and conservation projects. You’ll be travelling overland with your team and team leader in between projects, visiting temples, cities and beaches. You’ll tick off backpacker favourites but also see beyond the tourist trail. And if you’re short on time before starting uni, check out the mini Project Asia running from December to February!

Paris Project Europe Gap year

Project Europe

Destinations include: Poland, Germany, France, The UK and more!

Why Project Europe: Work with a team of likeminded volunteers from around the world, explore different cultures and learn to travel like a pro! Challenge yourself between four to five months with hands-on team projects in different countries with fantastic travel opportunities in between. 

How this program works: Each volunteering project will last between two and four weeks each and these will be in four different European countries. You’ll have specific travel weeks to explore more of the country or visit other nearby countries on the continent.

Working in teams, you'll support local community projects, environmental projects, work with kids, youth or the elderly, contribute to community arts or help to run a festival.

Project Europe let's you experience the continent for 4-5 months!

Vietnam Project Asia Hoi An Bikes

Project Asia

Destinations include: Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

Why Project Asia: Keen to explore several different countries across Asia? Want to be immersed in many cultures and undertake a variety of projects as well as travel? This is a great option for those who would like to work and travel in a team and have the support of a Team Leader (especially for those who are under 18).

How this program works: Volunteers will then work on projects in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand lasting between 2 and 3 weeks each. Between each of these projects, volunteers will have free weeks to break off and travel in smaller groups. 

Starting in Vietnam, volunteers will have the option of being placed as teachers or teaching assistants. Other projects include environmental, community, and construction placements.

Project Asia let's you choose from 2.5 or 5 month experiences!

Travel Weeks:

With travel weeks built into Team Projects, you have plenty of opportunities to explore more of Asia or Europe on your own or with your project team. Easy transport is at your fingertips! Take a bus, train, or short flight to your desired destination. Your Team Leader will be on hand to help you with any travel arrangements you might want to make, or suggest a new adventure! You can really see a lot in the time provided!


You will be supported by a Lattitude Coordinator in Australia to help plan and prepare before you depart and the Lattitude Country Manager in Europe or Asia during the program. A Team Leader will be with you every step of the way to help you coordinate your independent travel if needed!

Accommodation, Food & Allowance

Accommodation and food will always be arranged for you during the project weeks.

Accommodation on Project Asia will be in teachers accommodation in Vietnam. You will receive an allowance during this time. Accommodation in Thailand and Cambodia will vary on different projects, and will include hostels, basic accommodation in community centres and accommodation in villages. Food arrangements will also vary based on the project and volunteers may need to assist in the preparation at times.

Accommodation on Project Europe will vary on different projects, and will include hostels, host families and basic accommodation in community centres. In Poland you will live with host families other than during the orientation and debriefing period when you will be in a hotel.

Accommodation and food will be at your own expense during the travel weeks between projects.


  • Social and personal skills such as Team working, independence, relationship building, leadership and confidence in interacting with a range of different people

  • Practical skills working on different hands-on projects

  • Gain experience of different cultures and opportunity to live in a variety of places, experience how people live, what they eat, learn a little of many different languages

  • Meet young people from different countries and work alongside them

  • Independent travel but organised with the support of a Team Leader and fellow participants

England and Paris 2012 296.jpg


Project Background:

There remains a wide gap between urban and rural school children in Ghana in terms of their communication skills and their ability through the English language to speak, listen and understand what is being shared, whether with peers or in the classroom. A number of rural Ghanaian children cannot:

GHANA flag
  • Construct a grammatically correct simple sentence
  • Spell words that they can use verbally
  • Understand text that they have to read in their school textbooks

Being able to speak and communicate in English in Ghana is essential if young person is to progress in any chosen career, job or profession. Gaining language proficiency starts from the basics that young children pick up at school.


Activities on the project:

  • Resource development – Develop fun and informative approaches to deliver lessons (e.g. games, quizzes, competitions and poster displays.)
  • Timetabled language practice sessions Work with the schools and community to plan a timetable of practice sessions based around target
  • Assessment sessions – Run a series of sessions with target students using a pre-designed assessment ‘test’ to understand level and competence
  • Weekly Language Competition - Deliver a fun and interactive weekly language competition to demonstrate progress

What is the Ghana Action Project?

  • An exciting group-based volunteer project
  • No specific skills or qualifications needed, just the motivation to make a difference
  • Assisting on a project in an undeveloped community
  • Contributing to positive change by helping local people to overcome challenges
  • Learn about different aspects of community development
  • Experience living and working in a new community and culture

The village of Abrobiano, in the Central Region of Ghana, is where the Project will take place and has a population of about 3,000 with farming and fishing as the main source of livelihood.

Project aims:

The project aims to promote basic communication and English language understanding by pupils in school around the area by focusing heavily on:

  • Competence to use key words
  • Confidence to spell correctly
  • Grammatically correct sentence formation
  • Promoting interest in reading and comprehension
  • Opportunity to practice English language skills

Need to know:

  • This is a supported group volunteering project, with a team leader and project staff
  • Pre departure briefing – all volunteers will attend a group briefing prior to departure
  • On arrival in Ghana, teams will take part in a group orientation with training workshops
  • There will be a project debrief at the end of the 6 weeks

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