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Aotearoa, “The Land of the Long White Cloud”, New Zealand is justly famous for its stunning scenery and dramatic landscape, featured so prominently in the Lord of the Rings films. Friendly, welcoming and laid back, it is just the place for anyone looking for adventure and the adrenalin rush of outdoor sports on a overseas work placement. We have placements throughout the country in some wonderful schools and outdoor activity facilities for a memorable gap year. Volunteering in New Zealand offers something for everyone!

Is it for me?

New Zealand rewards volunteers with a proactive attitude. You will be expected to throw yourself into all aspects of school or camp life and be positive, friendly and helpful to the staff and students you are working with. The schools will want to make the most of whatever skills you can bring them, be that in sports, music, art, drama or academically.

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Placement INfo:

Schools Assistant placements involve working in boarding schools supervising the pupils with their homework, assisting them in the boarding house, helping teachers in the classroom and organizing extra-curricular activities. Life as a volunteer in a boarding school is not a 9-5 existence as you may be asked to supervise in the early mornings, ensuring the dorms are tidy and the students ready for breakfast. In the evenings you might be asked to assist with prep and supervise extra-curricular activities. The same is true of weekend duty when you may take pupils on outings.

There are a small number of outdoor activity placements available in New Zealand. If you are enthusiastic and love the outdoors then these placements may be for you. New Zealand is famous for its outdoor sports and volunteers are involved in many activities, usually as an assistant to full-time outdoor activity instructors in leading groups. Volunteers will also be involved in the running of the camp.


Add on a New Zealand placement to another overseas placement for a reduced fee! Extend your time and experience abroad.

Lattitude Fees (exact cost)
Program NZ NZ
add on
Lattitude Application Fee $150 $0
Lattitude Placement Fee $3300 $1100
In-Country Orientation Fee $500 $500
Aditional Travel Costs (estimate)
Return Airfare from
$600 $600
Travel Insurance $315 $315
Visa $0 $0
Police Check $42 $0
Your Total Cost (approximate) $4592 $2515

*Travel insurance is quoted on an Allianz Standard Package with $250 excess

Other costs associated with your time away may include obtaining a passport, arranging travel vaccinations, purchasing any additional clothing and travel within the country.

New Zealand Overseas Program Facts

Accommodation & Food

Food and Accommodation is provided for and volunteers stay on-site at either the boarding school or camp they are working at.

Living Allowance

Volunteers are also given a weekly allowance of roughly $100. This is NOT a wage but is meant to cove day to day expenses (transport, toiletries, extra food). Please note that the amount varies from host to host.

Support Provided

Before you go:

  • We find out more about each volunteer through an interview which helps us select the right people and after a second interview, we match them to a placement that’s right for them.

  • Once selected, each volunteer is allocated a Coordinator in the Melbourne office who assists them with all preparations. They provide briefing materials, support with logistics such as flights and visas and are there to answer any questions.

  • Volunteer are briefed in person or in an online session to prepare them for their placement ahead. Volunteers complete their own Learning and Development Plan which helps to identify goals and personal skills they would like to develop, and these areas of development are followed up throughout their time away.

  • All volunteers sign our Code of Conduct to ensure that our expectations of each volunteer are agreed and clear from the outset.

When you're overseas:

  • We have paid staff based in each country. Our Country Managers oversee the program and work with a team of Local Representatives who provide support in the local areas and develop close relationships with placement hosts.

  • Each volunteer attends a combined orientation and teaching skills course on arrival in Poland.

  • Each volunteer is visited at their placement soon after arrival by an in-country staff member to check how things are and provide additional support if needed.

  • We work with Embassies and High Commissions to ensure we can respond to any situation and provide 24/7 emergency support from Melbourne.

When you're back:

  • We recognize that coming home can be difficult and provide one-to-one support, with onward referrals for further professional support if needed. Volunteers are invited to debriefing events and become part of our network of alumni.

  • We undertake reviews against the learning needs identified before going overseas which may form part of a reference provided at the end. A letter can also be provided to use towards an application for Youth Allowance.


Placement Locations:

North island:

Pukekohe, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Stratford, Wanganui, Masterton, Napier, Hastings, Upper Hutt, Marton, Feilding and Palmerston North.


South Island:

Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Oamaru, Gore and Dunedin.



Volunteers have the opportunity to travel within New Zealand or the Pacific islands during holidays and after their placement.

For those seeking a real adrenaline rush, New Zealand offers almost unlimited opportunities and excitement. There’s skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, skiing, whale watching, zorbing, canyoning, horse riding - the list is endless! 

For those looking for a calmer experience, some volunteers choose to relax in geothermal pools found in Rotorua or watch penguins in Picton.

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Some people have asked if I would make the same choices if I could go back to the start of my gap year, or would I go to university like most of my friends? I can honestly say, I’d be back in New Zealand like a shot. Becoming a part of a new place is indescribable, all I can say is that I had the time of my life...when can I go back?
— Elenor Clark, Schools Assistant