As a Schools Assistant you will become a trusted confidant, mentor, big brother or sister, tutor, and inspiration to many students, particularly boarders living a long way from family. Responsibilities usually involve a combination of boarding house duties, providing support to teachers in the classroom and undertaking after school activities such as sports coaching. If you have skills or interests in a certain area – be it debating, painting, acting or juggling – use your initiative and find a way to share it with your students!

My placement is only an hour and a bit away from the amazing city of London! I watch out for the kids during break times, and working with the younger boys in the boarding house. The experience has been great fun and the school is so pretty and very English!
— Jacqui Temlett, Lattitude Schools Assistant

BE a leader in the classroom or the great outdoors

With placements in the United Kingdom and Canada lasting from 6-11 months, you'll find your independence and confidence soaring by the time you come back home! If you're after a longer placement in an English speaking country, this one's for you!


Lead groups of young people in a range of exciting outdoor activities such as kayaking, skiing, fencing, rock climbing, hiking, archery, orienteering or sailing.

A wide variety of camps and outdoor education centres, some of which cater exclusively for disadvantaged or disabled members of the community. While paid staff are always present, our volunteers are in high demand to help meet the individual needs of every camp-goer. You’ll also assist with the supervision of camp-goers and participate in the general running of the camp. In some cases placements will require a qualification in first aid or lifesaving.

placement At a Glance

  • Live in an English speaking country
  • With a placement partner
  • Travel on the weekends & during school holidays
  • Have all the comforts of home
  • Great for first time travelers

important details

  • Must be 18 years of age at time of departure
  • Departing in January, March, & June



Learn to be a steward of the environment in the beautiful Hautes-Alpes countryside or learn about all things agriculture at the Adventure Yard Bauspielfarm. 

Children / Community

Organise recreational and educational activities for those seeking refuge at the Centre Couleurs du Monde, an asylum seeker centre of the Belgian Red Cross. 


Help renew playgrounds, revive landscaping, and renovate community areas to benefit the communities.

Disability / Events

For the Belgian National Games, volunteers will help on several aspects of the event logistics, assembling and dismantling of structures, building and putting up the decorations, transport and unloading of material.

I’ve never learned so much in two weeks as I did at that time!
— Alex, assistant festival organiser

Explore all europe has to offer

If you've got the travel bug and want to see as much as you can on your gap year, sign up for Project Europe. Work with a team of likeminded volunteers from around the world, explore different cultures and learn to travel like a pro!

Work camps in France, Germany and Belgium involve a group of international volunteers living and working together to support a local community project. This may be an environmental or renovation project, working with kids, youth or the elderly, contributing to community arts or helping to run a festival.


  • Experience a variety of cultures
  • Work with a team of volunteers
  • Explore Europe on dedicated travel weeks
  • Support from a dedicated Team Coordinator
  • Live with host families, in hostels, and community centres
  • Great for first time travelers


  • 4 - 5 month placement
  • Additional Language Courses available
  • Departing in March



As a Teacher you can share your valuable English skills in kindergartens, primary schools, other language institutes. Teaching staff may be particularly stretched and you can assist by teaching additional subjects in these areas. Draw upon your own educational background to prepare lessons to engage your students.

If you're confident in your academic ability, tap into your creativity to teach a variety of subjects! Take the initiative in this leadership role to become a mentor to your hardworking students. Think on your feet and occasionally improvise, but you'll find there's never a dull moment in the classroom. 

Get immersed in a new culture

You can find yourself immersed and experiencing a new culture like a local. Live and work as a teacher, pick up a new language, try all the foods the locals rave about! Different placement locations have a variety of class sizes, resource availability, and student levels. 

Walking into a matchbox sized classroom containing fifty 12 year olds may sound challenging and confronting. Screams of “pick me” and “let me try” – to stick a picture on the black board, as every hand in the room is waving passionately in the air, is proof of the very simple pleasure the children within an Asian classroom gain from interactive learning. Friends I made and grew close to were the kindest and most honest people.
— Hannah Loney, Lattitude Teacher

Explore more about each country & discover placement details:


Teaching in a rural school

You won't find a warmer welcome than when you arrive in Fiji. Located in the South Pacific, its an amazing combination of cultural influences. Teaching placements here are different to those offered in the Cultural Experience in that adaptation to a different way of life is a key component in Fiji. 

Life here is often centered around the village, garden, church, and rugby field with Fijians welcoming you to experience every bit of it. Be a self-starter and discover exactly how you can make a difference in the lives of children by filling the gaps in education with a placement in Fiji! This is a placement for an independently minded volunteer looking to make a difference and gain a rewarding and rich cultural experience in the friendliest country on earth!

placement At a Glance

  • With a placement partner
  • Explore Island culture during school holidays
  • Discover a different way of life as part of a Fijian family
  • Build your resourcefulness and independence

important details

  • 6 month placement
  • Minimum age: 17
  • Departing in February & July

experience the island life

In Fiji, you're really getting away from it all. See what life is like at at different pace, discover an immersive experience in a welcoming culture, and find yourself being part of the family as a village teacher. 

Everything is new and exciting, you learn to adapt and change your lifestyle, any materialistic item that was once important to you is now easy to live without, and your perception of the world completely changes. All that matters to you are the new friends you make and the family back at home. Once you can say ‘Bula Vinaka’ and drink kava at full tide you’re already a part of the family.
— Mariah Hommelhoff, Community Worker


Sports Coach

Sports & Community placements engage young people with issues in their own community and help them access training. If you have an interest in a range of different sports, get ready to use your skills to raise awareness, train and educate your peers. You will be helping to educate your team through a range of different sports. Some programs support young people who are not in employment, education or training.

placement At a Glance

  • Work with a team of volunteers
  • Ideal for those interested in International Development
  • Discover a different way of life, off the beaten path
  • Build your self awareness and independence

important details

  • 5 month placement
  • Minimum age: 17
  • Departing in January & July

inspire the next generation with Sports

Sports have long been used to build leadership skills and help focus kids. In this experience, you'll use your both your athletic abilities and your communication skills to lead your squad and help develop the local village. 

I couldn’t be happier and more appreciative of the lifestyle I’ve come to find. There are so many things to value; the communal nature of the town, the environment and wildlife and the work I’m contributing to.
— Alex, Volunteer in Adaklu, Ghana

Community Worker

Volunteers may be working with children of varying ages in kindergartens and after-school clubs organising and assisting with activities. There are also two places for male volunteers to support people with disabilities working in the community on a local farm or vineyard. The work can be challenging but truly rewarding and will give you a unique insight into the life of your new community.


You'll be providing invaluable support to staff in caring for residents with disabilities. Enjoy time befriending the residents and running activities. You'll find that you're enriching the lives of residents and enjoying a rewarding experience at the same time. Everything you do will be helping someone live life with a greater level of dignity and enjoyment and give you a strong sense of achievement. 

Four months ago I had been a normal Perth teenager living at home, and now I’m living on my own in a country that differs in every way from Australia! I have seen a birth, talked to doctors who have travelled the world doing relief work, learnt to speak some Japanese, made friends despite language and cultural barriers, experienced work ethic in another country, travelled and tried things perhaps I would never have if I was at home. I love my life here in Japan!
— Lauren Dennett, Medical Assistant

discover a career in healthcare & Community

If you're considering a career in nursing, allied health, or community development this is a wonderful opportunity to gain some experience in the field. Use your Japanese language skills in this immersive and valuable experience.

Medical Assistant

Work alongside health professionals in a range of areas and fields within a hospital and gain first-hand experience in the medical profession! You may assist with basic task in different wards or even have the chance to observe medical procedures and surgery. Staff will also be keen to practice their conversational English skills with you, making it a great opportunity for cultural exchange. If you're looking for experience in a career in the medical field, you'll be getting insight into the operations of a hospital.

placement At a Glance

  • Work with a placement partner
  • Ideal for those interested in Health & Medicine
  • Enjoy all the comforts of home in an immersive cultural setting
  • Build your language skills and gain career experience

important details

  • 3 month placement
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Departing in March & September

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