Volunteering programs that fit into every schedule

4 weeks - 9 weeks

Volunteer December 2019 - January 2020

between semesters or before starting at uni

My Lattitude placement completely shaped my university experience and gave me the opportunity to explore a whole other life path that I never would have gone down otherwise... and in interview processes what has differentiated me has been my experience overseas.
— Chloe Dempsey, Teaching Volunteer

asia - 9 weeks


Short on time before your other life plans start? Keen to explore Asia but don’t know where to start? This is a great option for those who would like to gain career experience in the classroom and an introduction to travel in South East Asia.

placement in vietnam with Travel opportunities across Asia

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europe - 4/9 weeks

greece & UK

Work with a team of likeminded volunteers from around the world, explore different cultures and learn to travel like a pro! Challenge yourself 4 or 9 weeks with hands-on team projects in different countries with fantastic travel opportunities in between. 

Choose between participating in 1 or 2 projects

Short Volunteer Programs: Information

Summer Asia - 9 weeks



The project provides a structured placement in Vietnam with the opportunity for self-directed regional travel. Volunteers will start by completing a longer placement at an education institution in Vietnam, allowing greater time to develop their resilience and travel skills. Volunteers will be comprehensively supported by Lattitude staff both locally and in Australia.


Volunteers will have the option of being placed as teachers or teaching assistants.

Teaching Placements are in universities, primary schools and secondary schools. Volunteers provide students with the opportunity to practice their spoken English by leading activities such as conversation, role playing, singing and debating.

A range of extracurricular activities including conversation groups, visiting students’ homes and playing sport adds great value and enjoyment to the placements. Volunteers may also be asked to teach the teachers and assist in enhancing their confidence in English conversation.

Volunteers will also get to decide on a unique cultural immersion week to unwind and reflect at the end of the project.

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Summer Europe - 4/9 weeks



Summer Europe combines short volunteering programs with travel. Each volunteering project will last 4 weeks and will be in 2 different European countries. In between programs you’ll have a dedicated travel week to explore more of the European continent.


You'll undertake different community projects during your time in Europe. Working in teams in 2 different countries, you'll be supporting local community projects.

Greece - Animal Welfare Projects:

Volunteers are tasked with maintaining high standards of hygiene for the dogs in the kennel area and socialising the dogs. Volunteers assist in caring for sick animals with guidance from staff and accompanying dogs to the vets for treatment and inoculations.

There are also great opportunities to use creative skills by photographing animals and adding content to relevant social media to assist with re-homing and awareness raising. Build your non-profit savvy by assisting with fundraising activities to keep great projects like these going strong!

UK - Community/Disability Work Placements:

Revitalise Respite Holidays have been providing short breaks for disabled people and carers at accessible Centres in the UK since 1963. Revitalise offer inspirational opportunities for volunteers through one of the largest, most diverse volunteer programs in the UK. Each week is different and the needs of individual guests vary too. Some of the special ‘theme weeks’ can be more hectic, (e.g. youth weeks) but other more cultural weeks may be more relaxed.

Guests on our breaks are supported by volunteers who provide companionship and assistance. Much of your time will be spent enjoying the holiday with guests– going out on day trips, having meals and drinks, enjoying entertainments and watching TV, sometimes with little actual physical work. However, being aware of guest’s needs throughout the day is important and enabling people to have as much physical and social independence as possible is what it’s all about. Socialising is a very important aspect and the interaction you have with guests is key to the benefits gained for all concerned.

Cost Breakdown

Lattitude Fees - Summer Asia
Lattitude Application Fee $150
Placement Fee $3350
Estimated Additional Travel Costs
Return Airfare (SYD/MEL) $750- $1300
Visa $140
Police check $40
Total Cost of Placement: $4432- $4982
Lattitude Fees - Summer Europe
Lattitude Application Fee $150
Placement Fee $2350*-$3350**
Estimated Additional Travel Costs
Return Airfare (SYD/MEL) $1800- $2250
Visa $0
Police check $42
Total Cost of Placement: $4342- $5792





You will be supported by a Lattitude Coordinator in Australia to help plan and prepare before you depart and the Lattitude Country Manager in Europe or Asia during the program.

What will I learn

Social and personal skills such as team working, independence, relationship building, leadership and confidence in interacting with a range of different people

  • Practical skills working on different hands-on projects

  • Gain experience of different cultures and opportunity to live in a variety of places, experience how people live, what they eat, learn a little of many different languages

  • Meet young people from different countries and work alongside them


Accommodation & Allowance

Accommodation and food will always be arranged for you during the project weeks.

Accommodation on Summer Asia Program will be in teachers accommodation in Vietnam. You will be provided with an allowance to buy and cook your own meals.

Accommodation on Project Europe will vary on different projects, and will include hostels, host families and basic accommodation in community centres.

Application and Assessment

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. You will be contacted for an interview within one week of applying. Successful applicants will be offered a placement after a Skype interview.

the benefits of volunteering beyond uni

Michelle Howie

Michelle Howie

Lattitude Volunteer Teacher - Fiji

Since Michelle experienced life as a Lattitude teacher in a remote Fijian village with limited phone and internet access she has been passionate about helping people connect. While studying a Bachelor of Electronics & Communications Engineering at the University of South Australia, she never dreamed of studying in Asia. Now she is living her passion working for Telstra in Hong Kong as an intern under the Government’s New Colombo Plan program and has recently attended the Australia China Emerging Leaders Summit in Shanghai.

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Chloe Dempsey

Lattitude Volunteer TEACHER - China

As a Lattitude teacher in China, Chole's passion for international experience has made her a global citizen. In 2016, she was awarded the WestPac Asian Exchange Scholarship enabling her to integrate 2 semesters of study at a university in China into her uni course. Currently, she plans to intern with an environmental NGO in Beijing called Thirst, which focuses on education around water scarcity. "We have a responsibility to contribute to creating a world that we would like to live in and the best time to start acting to execute that vision is now."

Why Take Time Overseas?

Benefits of Overseas Volunteering

Intercultural understanding and communication skills, adaptability, resilience, flexibility, and collaboration are just some of the contemporary skillsets and capabilities for a competitive graduate edge and a globally focused career! 

Gain Employable Skills

Employers are seeking graduates with international work experience and intercultural competencies, and students are looking for opportunities to get an edge by developing a unique set of skills to increase employability upon graduation.

More Information

For more information please e-mail info@lattitude.org.au or call (03) 9826 6266